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About Level One Professor

Level One Professor is a passion project that focuses on producing teaching and learning materials for the design and creative community. The idea all began in 2015 when I started my career in education, and a funny question: Is it possible to design a better designer? That question itself became more of guiding light for an action plan; the plan was to find ways to most effectively teach young designers the principles and elements of design using materials that would help the learning stick.

With the plan in motion and the ideas flooding in the materials started getting produced in 2018. Everything started off as small-scale projects (printable PDFs and paper prototypes). Then they started receiving support from a community of designers and design instructors until it was possible to start producing the materials as print-on-demand books. 

I love converting ideas into tools and making the teaching and learning of design more tangible. And now with several years of teaching experience, and hundreds of books produced the plan remains in motion and the objective is still the same. 

The main objective of Level One is to offer the most effective, immersive, and entertaining materials to the creative community.

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This is who I’m making things for


Educators need effective and interactive teaching materials to incorporate into their discussions, exercises and projects. Don't worry…I got your backs.


A large portion of learning is done outside the classroom and we want to make the materials that students will use to make that learning stick.


Designers often rely on their resources and tools to produce their best during the creative process. We're here to keep them well equiped.

The Latest Projects

Kindergraphics : Colors book

Colors and Inks

Topic #1 in the Kindergraphics book series. Color mode, spot color inks, halftone dots and more.

Kindergraphics : Typography book

Typography Basics

Topic #2 in the Kindergraphics book series. Type basics, anatomy, special characters and more.

UI Design Workbook cover

UI Design Workbook

Exercise-based workbook for planning and  sketching wireframes and UI components.

Want to see something new?

This world needs more good tools for designers. Drop a line and share your thoughts. Let’s start working on an idea together!

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